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Carolina Voices will be holding auditions for all ensembles in January 2017.


Tuesday, January 17th 6:30-9:30pm for Impromptu

Saturday, January 14th and 21st 1:00-4:00pm for MainStage and Festival Singers

TO SCHEDULE AN AUDITION:  Complete the Online Audition Request Form
Or, phone the Carolina Voices office at:  704.374.1564.

About Carolina Voices:  Carolina Voices’ choirs perform September through June at venues throughout Charlotte. The commitment of each singer is paramount to the success of each ensemble and regular rehearsal attendance is required.  While formal voice study is not necessary, all members are expected to be able to sing musically, on pitch, and in accurate rhythm. As a non-profit organization, we ask that singers participate in promoting the concerts, support the fundraising activities and perform volunteer tasks each season. Dedication, diligence and love of song and performance are important attributes of all Carolina Voices’ members. 

Audition Requirements: Candidates are asked to provide their own sheet music and to sing a thoroughly-prepared musical piece of their choice which shows their vocal quality, range and artistic expression. Individuals auditioning for Festival Singers should prepare an art song, aria, folk song or hymn. Singers should bring 2 copies of their sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Singers may also sing a cappella. No taped accompaniments, please. Auditions may also include range check, sight reading and tonal memory exercises.

In addition, Carolina Voices requires the following commitments of its singers:

  • Musical Diligence – Members are encouraged to tape rehearsals for review between rehearsals. All music is memorized for performances. Sheet music is provided for all concerts but must be returned to the music library in good condition after each show.
  • Attendance – Members are expected to be present for all rehearsals, all choral weekend rehearsals, and performances. Any unavoidable absences should be reported as soon as possible, preferably before the rehearsal/event. See rehearsal schedule below.
  • Financial Support – Membership dues are $65 for the fall season and $65 for the spring season. Singers may elect to establish a payment plan, if needed.
  • Ticket Sales – Carolina Voices’ singers are strongly encouraged to ask friends, family and colleagues to purchase tickets to performances. Singers have first chance at the best seats in the house. Incentives and friendly competitions among choir members are offered to push sales for each performance.
  • Organization Support – As a non-profit volunteer organization we rely on our singers time to assist in organization needs. Singers are asked to volunteer time outside of rehearsals/performances based on their skills, availability and interests. Singers can volunteer to sing at community events and special performances, and/or volunteer on a committee (Production, Hospitality, Office Support, Membership, Gala Planning and others).


Rehearsal Schedule

All regular rehearsals are held at Shalom Hall or Berry Hall at Myers Park Baptist Church, 1900 Queens Road, Charlotte, NC 28207. For questions, contact the Carolina Voices office at 704.374.1564.

MainStage Choir
Tuesdays, 7:30pm— 9:45pm

Shalom Hall

Tuesdays, 6:30pm— 9:00pm

Berry Hall

Festival Singers
Mondays, 7:00pm— 9:30pm

                Berry Hall