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Saturday, April 16, 2016
8:30am – 5:00pm
Myers Park Baptist Church – Shalom Hall – 1900 Queens Road, Charlotte, NC  28207
$25 per person, lunch included

Join us on World Voice Day as we present a workshop for singers interested in learning more about the art of singing, specifically pop/rock.  Learn how to unlock your voice to overcome technical barriers and focus on telling a story and communicating the human experience through song.  We’ll not only look at the mechanics of vocal expression and how your voice works, but offer information on “Singing with Style” including the basics of riffing, and how to use these tools to make stylistically appropriate choices.  In addition, the Voice and Swallowing Center of Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates will present “Creating the Healthy Voice,” a look at establishing proper vocal hygiene in order to achieve optimal vocal performance along with a live visual scoping of a singer.  There will also be master class opportunities with Mr. Edwards and a chance to “Perform for the Experts” for those who are interested!

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Sing Out!
Unlock Your Vocal Chops
A Workshop Celebrating World Voice Day 2016
Saturday, April 16, 2016

9:00-9:50 Body Awareness for the Singer Julie Dean
Bringing an awareness of the connection the voice has to the body, and being aware of the sensation of making sound, gives a singer quicker access to making changes and creating sound to enhance your desired voice use!  Focusing on breathing, posture, and how it feels to make sound, you will be guided through some true and modified yoga poses to bring about this awareness.  Bring a yoga mat or towel.  Movements and postures can be modified for those not able move to the floor.
10:00-11:45 How Your Voice Works Matthew Edwards
This presentation introduces participants to the basics of how the singing voice functions when singing pop/rock. Topics include the four elements of voice production how the vocal folds vibrate, how the breath interacts with vocal fold vibration, how posture affects tone quality, and how to make vocal tract adjustments to sing any genre without getting hurt. The goal is to demystify the singing voice and provide science-based techniques to prevent vocal damage while cultivating each singer’s unique vocal quality. The workshop will be followed by a master class showing how to apply the concepts covered in the presentation.
11:45-12:30 Lunch Provided by Carolina Voices
Lunch is included with the cost of registration.
12:30-2:00 Creating the Healthy Voice Gretchen McGinty, CEENTA
This presentation will provide of review of vocal anatomy and function with a focus on establishing proper vocal hygiene in order to achieve optimal vocal performance. What everyday behaviors do you engage in that should be avoided? What regular habits should you establish to ensure vocal folds are healthy? What are some common myths that singers and other voice professionals believe about vocal care? How best to avoid vocal injury, and when you should consult with an ENT about your voice. Time will be allowed for Q & A with voice therapist. This presentation will be followed by a live visual scoping of a singer to demonstrate vocal function in action.
2:00-3:15 Singing with Style Matthew Edwards
This workshop will introduce participants to stylisms used in pop/rock genres and how to produce them safely.  Participants will also learn how to analyze songs and develop their own interpretations. The workshop will be followed by a master class showing how to apply the concepts covered in the presentation.
3:30-5:00 Perform for the Experts  Guest Panel

When registering for the workshops, participants will have the option to be considered to perform a solo for a panel of local singing and theatre experts who will give feedback.  Guest artists on the panel will include

  • presenter Matthew Edwards
  • Tony Award winning theatre director and educator Corey Mitchell
  • Voice and Swallowing Specialist Lori Ellen Sutton from CEENTA
  • School of Rock vocal coach and performer Sydney Hough
  • Emmy Award winning composer and founder of Concentrix Music and Sound Design Fred Story

Sing Out!
Unlock Your Vocal Chops
A Workshop Celebrating World Voice Day 2016
Saturday, April 16, 2016

MATTHEW EDWARDS:  Equally at home in classical and Contemporary Commercial Music styles (Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Country, R&B), Matthew Edwards has performed over thirty roles in musical theatre and opera with many companies including Tri-Cities Opera, New Jersey Opera, the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, Dayton Pops, and Theatre Lab – Dayton. Edwards’ current and former students have performed on American Idol, on and off-Broadway, on the West End, on national and international tours, in regional theatre, on cruise ships, at theme parks, and in bands touring the nation. He has presented workshops and master classes on belting, singing, rock 'n' roll, vocal health, auditioning for college, and audio technology throughout the U.S. to audiences including singers, teachers, otolaryngologists, and speech language pathologists. His approach to vocal technique is rooted in voice science and vocal function.

JULIE DEAN:  Teaching voices for 15 years, Julie Martin Dean desires to help people find the voice of their heart. She specializes in educating how the voice works, training and working out singers, and using the voice in different styles of music. She offers private and group voice instruction for all ages, from beginners to professionals. She holds a Bachelor of Music and Masters of Music in Vocal Performance and is certified in Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method, and VoiceWorks Method. Julie sings pop, jazz, musical theater, opera and bluegrass, and sings regularly with the Tosco Music Party sing-along choir. With a voice studio in the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood, she works with over 40 students in the greater Charlotte area and on-line with singers beyond.

GRETCHEN MCGINTY:  Gretchen McGinty is a NC certified Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, and works as a voice and swallowing specialist with CEENTA. Before receiving her M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology, she earned her B.F.A. in Theatre from University of North Carolina School of the Arts.